Sleeklens Plugins

Sleeklens Plugins for Lightroom & Photoshop

I was offered an opportunity to review a set of actions offered by Sleeklens for both Lightroom and Photoshop. I have used filter offerings by other companies and some of these have become a regular part of my workflow so I was keen to see what Sleeklens had to offer.


Getting Started: The Installation

The installation is very simple and you can be up and running with the actions in a matter of seconds. Once you have launched Photoshop simply press ‘Alt+F9’ to display the ‘Actions’ menu. Click the ‘Hamburger’ menu, click ‘Load Actions…’ and select the set of actions (file with the .ATN extention) and you’re ready to start work on your images.


First Impressions

The Sleeklens Plugin I have been asked to review is The Landscape Collection and initial impressions are good, there are a lot of actions for your $32.00 (at the time of writing). Having had time to use these actions initialy the results can be a little hit or miss as there are no previews or direct adjustment, any adjustment is achieved via adjusting the resulting layers opacity. That said if you persist with the actions and become more familiar with each action you can begin to rapidly achieve some respectable results.

Sleeklens Example Images

The Original Image

Reduce Highlights Action

Clarity Action

Final Thoughts

A lot of effort have gone into creating these actions and they do give good results considering the fixed values. With that in mind I feel they tend to lean towards the amateur  photographer. For the $32.00 it provides good value for the user and provides rapid results. The more professional photographer will no doubt want more control but this would come at a considerably increased price tag and higher skill level to get the required results. For those wanting quick results I would certainly recommend these actions.