Holy Trinity Church, Buckfastleigh.

With almost clear skies it looked like another chance to shoot a star trail at the ruins of Holy Trinity Church in Buckfastleigh, although the last time I tried the cloud descended and blew any chance there might have been. On this occasion I visited the location with fellow NAPC members Richard and Mark, and although the skies looked clear during the relatively short trip to the location there was a small but significant amount of cloud cover which looked as if it might put the mockers on yet another opportunity. Luck seemed to be on our side this time though and the cloud had practically cleared by the time we started, although it did give an opportunity to get a few individual shots which I hope to post here in the next day or two.

As with many locations on or around the periphery of Dartmoor there is a legend associated with the church which you can read about on the Legendary Dartmoor website. Below is a small quote from the site which I think adds to the eerie feeling around the site of the ruined church and surrounding graveyard.

It is also said that if you run around the ‘penthouse’ tomb seven times and then stick your hand through the iron bars, either Squire Cabell or the Devil will bite your fingers.

Although the ambient temperature was just above freezing at the start of the shoot it did drop to just below zero during our time there, if not prepared it can quickly become an ordeal. When having to stand around exposed to cutting winds for an hour or two whilst your camera captures the seemingly endless frames needed for the final image you want to be warm and comfortable, that way you can focus on the job in hand. I recently invested in some cold weather clothing which makes my low light photography a lot more enjoyable and allows me to think creatively about what I want to achieve. Even with the best made plans it can all change when out on location and a clear mind can help you remain creative or more importantly get you out of a potentially dangerous situation, but that is another story.

All 84 images were initially imported into Lightroom where small adjustments were made to the first image before syncing the remaining images. This ensures all the images get the same treatment in a quick and easy click of the mouse, anything for an easy life.

The images are then exported from Lightrrom as JPEG files before being imported into a free to download application ‘Startrials.exe’ available to download from here.

The final tweeks were completed in Photoshop where I blended a seperately captured image of the foreground to provide the detail. A little more information on blending is available to view on the blog entry ‘Bowerman The Hunter‘ in the same location ‘Processing’, although I do intend to add another short tutorial in the need future.

The last tweek was made in the Lens Correction interface where I added +55 to the vertical perspective to ensure the verticals were vertical. This adjustment had the added bonus of removing the vignetting in the top corners and allowing the sky dominate a larger portion of the image.

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