Rock Salmon

Sunset Over Westcombe Beach, South Devon.

This was shot last Saturday evening down on the south coast where I met up with a few friends, Harry Lovell, Dave 40D and Mark Lakeman. Sorry Mike I forgot to phone you as promised, will give you a shout without fail when I head out there again.

As the sun was nearing the horizon we could all see the cloud was racing the sun to the horizon and threatened to kill any chance of an atmosphere or colour in the sky. Luckily as you can see the cloud lost the race and we were all running around trying to get some shots in the bag before the rapidly rising tide enveloped the rock formations for another evening.

The evening was full of incidents, Dave nearly got stuck in the quick sand as I stood around laughing and Harry’s expensive Scarpa boots which he left on the rocks started to float away. When I look back at the shots produced by Harry, Dave and Mark it amazes me the difference in approach and final images and I feel it is that diversity which keeps it interesting. I have felt the need to return yet again in the near future before the setting sun is lost as it sets further around out of view.

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