Star Cottage

Penearth Farm, Cornwall.

Laid back on the sofa with a glass of cider, relaxing as the lounge air fills with the unmistakable sounds and smell of the real wood fire in the cosy cottage. What is this to do with photography I here you ask? Well to be honest nothing, but it was what I was doing at the time this image was taken. I had setup my camera up close to the corner of the cow shed, final adjustments and checks made it was now ready to take the continuous exposures needed.  Shutter locked on the remote and camera started I was now set to retire to the warmth of the farm cottage for the next hour or so.

On one of the mornings during the holiday I was clearing out the ash from the fire as usual¬† when I thought who might have an image in the copy of the Western Morning News I was currently ripping up. It was my friend David Dummett known better to some as Dangerous Dave, not wanting to miss an opportunity for a laugh I took this shot and gave it the title ‘Taking care of the opposition!’

It wasn’t long after our return from Penearth Farm Cottage we were all missing it and wishing we had booked the fortnight. The farm cat Meggie who is a grand sixteen years old was a regular and would scratch at the back door wanting to come in. Meggie loved to soak up the warmth from the Rayburn, but when the fire was lit Meggie spent most of her time either on my lap or in front of the fire. Hopefully she will be a part of farm life for many years to come.

It was a really relaxing holiday and for me the real pleasures included the full english cooked on the Rayburn if a little slow and spliting the logs and kindling with the axe.

A big thank you to Christina & Andy for another wonderful holiday, we all hope to see you all again soon.

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More images from the holiday.


  1. Makes a change to see a more everyday foreground – nicely done on the light balancing.

  2. oh wow, this is a greatly executed technique.

  3. Great one Mart but still waiting to see Merrivale quarry.

  4. Wow the sky looks as if someone has taken a brillo pad to it. Nice shot Martyn.

  5. Penearth Star TrailSpectacular result with this, love it ;-)


  6. Penearth Star TrailThanks to you all.

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