Wind Erosion

Great Staple Tor, South Dartmoor

I didn’t intend to stay for the blue hour but when the light was as wonderful as it was Richard and myself couldn’t bear to leave. We kept saying to ourselves just one more shot as you do.

I know what I wanted to achieve but I surprised myself when I added the B+W 6 stop along with a Lee 2 stop as well to drag the exposure time out to over 3 minutes so late in the evening. As you would expect the fore ground was still in silhouette so a second 1 minute exposure was shot without any filters, these were then blended together in Photoshop to create the final image.

The walk back to the car was a little dodgy as we had no bearing to follow due to our hast to reach the summit and the rough terrain underfoot on which I nearly twisted my ankle on several occasions during are return to the car.

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  1. Stunning shot again Mate

  2. Great composition and technique Martyn. Really good use of low light and long exposure to create mood.

  3. Thanks Rich / Neil, the trip back was a potential nightmare as navigation was difficult. Will have to plan my trips a little better I think to avoid any disasters. Will be playing around with this approach over the next few months I think.

  4. Fabulous photo Martyn of a lovely spot.

  5. Thank you Rosie, it is a great spot and somewhere I will be visiting again and again for a while no doubt.

  6. Lovely picture, I love the long exposure on the sky. Interesting to read how you took the shot. Very creative! :-)

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