Deep Freeze

Nuns Cross Farm, Dartmoor.

I was surprised to say the least to have been able to drive to the car park which leads to the farm without the need for chains. The only nightmare was having to reverse a good half mile when I met a gritter lorry, of all the places to meet one it had to be on the narrow lane leading to Nuns Cross Farm where there are practically no passing places.

Once parked up there is a good two thirds of a mile walk to the farm itself and in snow which was up to 18 inches in depth it soon saps your energy. What Richard and myself did fine surprising when walking down the track to the farm was the lack of footprints from others. All we saw were footprints made by one or two people and a handful of dogs. Talking about footprints, you need to be more aware when thinking about compositions when shooting snowy scenes. You don’t want to walk right up to your subject and then opt for a wider composition otherwise you will have footprints in the foreground, and in my case big size 12 ones!

At the entrance to the farm Richard and myself had a bit of a laugh when I made a small snowman which we left there gaurding the entrance to the farm. I put my glasses and hat on the snowman to finish the look.



  1. Absolutely fantastic shot Mart was well worth our trip up there

  2. Bleak and beautiful.

    Hope you didn’t find any deep holes hidden in the snow.

  3. I know this gate well !! (Set: Dartmoor HDR). Great shot but I bet it was kin freezin!

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