Traditional Fisherman

Fisherman at Shaldon, South Devon.

It was my intention last night to shoot a field of hay bales but unfortunately the farmers were still there and didn’t want anybody around the machinery for safety reasons. To be honest the weather wasn’t ideal as it was overcast and flattened what little contrast there was.

I then decided to have a look around Shaldon and whilst taking a few pics I met this traditional fisherman. Wonderful bloke and a real pleasure to talk with. He was the final fisherman to hold out against changes scheduled for the mooring along the Teign and although he had a rough time of it he got what he deserves. He was granted Heritage Rights for his mooring which will go someway to help protect his traditional livelyhood. The shot itself was shot in low light without a flash at ISO 1000 and was later converted to Duotone. I wanted to create a more gritty Frank Sutcliffe inspired image and have therefore added a small amount of noise.

More Frank Sutcliffe inspired photographs from my portfolio.


  1. great shot in the low light – it’s almost as if I was there !

  2. Thanks Marcus, I didn’t get his name and was wondering if you happened to know it?

  3. afraid not – I’ll ask for you if I see him again – nice to meet you last night

  4. Nice story telling shot

  5. Top shot Martyn. I really like the processing.

  6. I love this. A fabulous shot. It really looks as though it was taken years ago.

    Via rosyrosie2009′s contacts’ uploads on Fluidr

  7. Great shot Martyn, love the processing has a lovely vintage feel to it :)

  8. From PeopleAtWork

  9. Brilliant capture Martyn

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