A Tawny Tale

Penarth Farm, Cornwall.

This is one of a number of images shot during a family holiday at Penearth Farm in Cornwall, well to be honest our third holiday at this location and hoping to return a little nearer Christmas for a short break.

The farm is owned and ran by Christina & Andy who are fantastic hosts and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. We all really enjoyed our break on the farm especially cooking the full english in the morning on the Rayburn including eggs collected from the farm chickens laid that morning.

More images from the shoot.

A star trail over the farm cottage at Penearth Farm.

Left: Star Cottage

Above: Work Horse

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  1. This is a super image absolutely on the nail, awesome detail in the face, very nice work Martyn

  2. Thanks Andy, been struggling to find the time for any photography at all and shot this a fortnight ago in Cornwall at a farm where I was staying on Holiday.

  3. Stunning shot Martyn

  4. fantastic shot, love the focus on the face, with the movement in the wings.

  5. Fine work, not just the focus, but also the placement in the frame. And what a stunning bird.

  6. excellent !
    As seen in:
    Your KARMA Group

  7. Fantastic shot

  8. Wow!! That has left me speechless!! Perfect in every way….

  9. its sickening how good your photos are mate.

  10. I love owls … and this is such a brilliant shot. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Top Drawer shot matey ! Superb.

  12. Competition for Mr Rouse, I do believe!!

  13. wow
    missed this!
    how do you go around planning something like this!
    great photography Martin
    i presume that dof has been added to some degree?
    did you book the owl when you booked the holiday :-)

  14. Wow!! What a superb picture – a prizewinning image! :)

  15. That’s a beauty!

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