Beckamoor Cross

Windy Post, South Dartmoor.

It had been a while since I last went on a shoot with my friend and fellow photographer Mike Bartholomew. I text Mike early evening last night hoping for a glorious sunset somewhere up on Dartmoor but once again our hopes were quickly dashed as the cloud moved in once again.

To the north west of Feather Tor stands an ancient and rugged granite cross known as either the Beckamoor Cross or more romantically the Windy Post and Windy Stone. For centuries this lone cross has stood upon the bleak moorland with just the murmuring Grimstone and Sortridge leat for company. Many writers consider that the age of the cross dates back to the sixteenth century and that possibly it replaced a much earlier cross, English Heritage however notes on its Pastscape Record that the cross is of medieval origin and date it to between 1400 and 1499 which tends to buck the trend of all Dartmoor writers.



  1. a favourite local haunt

  2. Have you been leaning against that cross :o)
    Nice pano Martyn – so this is where Mike’s been hiding.

  3. I caught a section of this shot this morning before you’d fully uploaded your pano, and thought to myself "how refreshing to see a shot from here from someone brave enough not to include the damn post". I see now it’s complete, the damn post is included, but never mind, it’s a fine image anyway! ;)

  4. Nice work Martyn….

  5. A different viewpoint made possible by the 7 shot wide angle.

    I presume you have been having problems with photos being stolen. It is a pity, as this would look good in Flickr’s new bigger lightbox.

  6. Great panoramic! :-)

  7. Lovely shot Martyn, great colours and stunning clarity.

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  10. nice one mart :-)

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