Cockwood Tenders

Cockwood Harbour, South Devon.

I can’t remember the number of times I have passed this location in the last six months but what I can remember is the fact there was never any water. I have wanted to shoot this location for a while and when I noticed the sunset, high tide and time of year all fell into place at the same time I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Having scouted the local area with another local photographer and good friend Martin Lovell we dropped in The Ship for a swift pint prior to the shoot. It wasn’t until we left we both realised we had just a few minutes before the sun disappeared behind the horizon and we very nearly missed it all together.

Having arrived at the location I was setup and taking images within a couple of minutes, this was shot using a Lee 0.6 Hard Grad, Lee Coral 6 Hard Grad and a Circular Polarizer. Although the sky was clear which was not ideal I opted to crop the image to minimise the blandness and relyed on the tonal range and texture of the water in the foreground for interest.


  1. Nice shot Martyn.

  2. Good timing to get the sun rays.

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