First Light


  1. Great shot. Lovely composition and colouring. The waterfall is just right.

  2. Wow someone was up early this morning, Nice shot mate I love the range of colour from the cold water to the warming rising sun. Nicely taken.

  3. so beautiful

  4. Lovely shot,i visit the Windy Post quite often,not far from my home.

  5. Wow….there is so much to love about this picture….the light creeping in the old cross and then the beautiful waterfall….super picture!!

  6. Great composition and lovely light on the cross.

  7. stunning capture

  8. Good contrast between the warm tones of the sunlit hill and the cool brook.

  9. These Windy Post shots are outstanding. Love the light and composition.

  10. Lovely shot, love the lighting and exposure!

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