In The Groove

Sunset Over Westcombe Beach II, South Devon.

Not the best of situations to try out my new slim Heliopan circular polariser when you are shooting nearly straight into the sun, however it did allow me to catch the highlights on the rocks in the foreground. This was shot using a Lee Filters ‘Sunset 2′ filter to warm the whole image and still retain a clean image free from chromatic aberrations.

This image was effectively straight out of the camera and the only editing I have done is to remove a couple of small solar spots. The lens flare was minimal and I think this might have been down to the polariser and something I will have to prove one way or the other.

I stayed in this location for as long as I could and ended up getting a little wet due to the incoming tide. Mark, Harry and Dave were also in the same boat and got quite wet. Earlier in the evening I was stood on the sandbar along with Mark and Martin when Mark rightly stated it wouldn’t be long before the bar was fully under water. The tide had advanced relatively quickly and was also rushing in down the right and behind us nearly cutting us off from the rest of the beach, something everyone needs to remain aware off.

The hike back to car took about 40 minutes and was hard going due to the steep cliffs. We walked back along the coastal path to Armyer Cove near Ringmore and then along the footpath to the car park, all without my torch which I have mislaid for the moment yet again, and this made the return journey a little precarious at times.

Worth the effort though and somewhere I will be visiting for many years no doubt.


  1. Wow Martyn. This is exceptional. Crisp throughout, the rock striations lead the eye perfectly up to the sun and the exposure couldn’t be more perfect. Would look right at home in a photography magazine or a large print.

  2. Those filters work well Martyn

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Neil, I think I have found my stride again after a period of no inspiration or commitment.

  4. Thanks Mark, can’t go far wrong with Lee Filters.

  5. Great shot Martyn, I think you had the best location.

  6. Gorgeous light in this. Lovely. As seen in:
    Your KARMA Group

  7. Beautiful light and colours, nice work!

  8. Gorgeous shot Martyn. I’ve seen this location loads lately but never from this angle.
    You’re forgiven for not texting me as you said you’d take me with you on your next visit :P

  9. Stunning shot, Beautifull colour and composition.

  10. Wonderful colours and textures.

  11. stunning shot Martyn

  12. Thank you for posting to
    World Waterscapes

    please comment on others thanks

  13. Awesome lighting!

  14. God, You’re Good!

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