Peaches & Cream

Ayrmer Cove, South Devon.

Although I have walked across this beach several times over the last couple of years I have always opted to carry on along the coastal footpath to Westcombe Beach which in hindsight was a little foolish I think. I have always thought of this area as a winter location and this was my first trip here during the summer months. Although the photographic opportunities are thinner on the ground there are still plenty of compositions to be shot.  To shoot this image I had to stand well within striking distance of the waves which can cause problems if you are not prepared. I shot around 15 frames when taking this image and on several occasions I found myself knee deep in water, anyone who has stood on sand as the waves run past will know the water washed the sand from beneath your feet. The same will happen with your tripod therefore I found three large flat stones which I placed on the sand to create a stable footing; this helped to avoid the chance of blurring the resulting image due to the tripod moving. This image required very little processing and the majority of which was used to remove dust spots.

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  1. Stunning foreground with beautiful flow, really top stuff Martyn.

  2. Superb Martyn! :)

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