Staple Diet

Great Staple Tor, South Dartmoor.

I headed out with fellow NAPC member and friend Richard Taylor again with the initial intention to visit Kennick Reservoir for the rhododendrons but we had heard from several other photographers these are not yet out. A re-think was needed and my first thoughts were to visit the section of River Dart at Holne Bridge but decided to put that one off for another trip as the potential sunset and cloud would be missed down in the valley.

We finally agreed to visit Great Staple Tor as this was a location neither of us had visited before and would give us the opportunity to exploit the sky’s offerings if there were any to be had. The cloud we saw in the sky was a mixed bag with parts of totally clear sky, light cloud and the blanket dark cloud. Ideally we were hoping for the light cloud in our compositions and for once we were blessed.

The walk to the summit of this tor didn’t look that far from the car park but looks can and are often deceiving. Richard checked later and we found out our destination was over a mile of scattered rock away which wasn’t easy on the old leg muscles.

This shot was a single image using a Lee Filters 0.9 Soft Grad and a Coral 6 Hard Grad to warm the sky. I started the evening with this composition but shooting into the sun left me with an image full of flare which wasn’t what I wanted.

There are more images from this location I hope to process over the next few days and will post these when I can.

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  1. Now thats a stunning sky.

  2. It was a bit of a hike and I felt the consequences this morning but the end result was worth it. Beautiful sky and fantastic capture Mart.

  3. Red sky at night Shepherds house on fire :o)
    I couldn’t see you from Bowermas where I was last night.
    Nice composed shot.

  4. Wow, great picture with the backdrop of an awesome sky! Love it!

  5. Glad you made it up to this location Martyn. Quite a hike isn’t it?
    Superb photo. Love the pano approach and the colours in the sky.

  6. What a great photograph

    This is SPECTACULAR! Seen in

  7. Niiiiiiiiiiiice :-)

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