Sun, Sea & Sand

Croyde Bay, North Devon.

A blanket of grey sky with no real definition and intermittent spells of heavy rain was all I saw for the entire Saturday morning and early afternoon. Although the weather forecast showed the cloud and rain giving way to clear skies early evening I was unsure about risking a 150 mile round trip on just a chance. Following a few quick phone calls with Dave Dummett, Rob Kendall and Tim Barker it looked like a possibility a sunset of some description was on the cards and of I set.

Dave and I arrived at Croyde a little after 3:30pm with  Rob & Tim arriving a short while later, our initial views out over the sea left us feeling positive given the weather from earlier in the day. Down on the beach and with a few shots on the memory I was left feeling uninspired and walking the slippery rocks in search of a composition. This went on for a while and it wasn’t until I got onto the sandy part of the beach did things start to drop into place. Andrew  Barrett joined us part way through the shoot and again it was nice to catch up with another good friend whom I met through Flickr.

This image was published in the Western Morning News on Saturday 25th February 2012.

Western Morning News Croyde Bay


More images from the shoot.

Sunset over the wet sand and rocks of Croyde Bay.

Left: Coral Sunset

Above: Coral Sunset II

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