Sunset Rapids

Westcombe Beach, South Devon.

I haven’t been able to update my blog for the past few days thanks to Bill Gates and his company Microsoft. I have found some fundamental issues with IE9 and cannot uninstall the damn bit of software at the moment.

Anyway that’s enough ranting for the moment!  The image on the left was shot during yet another visit to Westcombe beach on the South Devon coast this time with another good friend and talented photographer Mike Bartholomew. Whilst there we had an unexpected meeting with another couple of members from the flickr group West Country Clickers Pete and Tina. It was nice to catch up again.

The image above was one of the last images shot during the evening and as the light was low I was getting a near perfect shutter speed for what I wanted to achive all without filters. This was shot at ISO 200, f13 and 1/5th sec shutter speed, just long enough to get some motion in the water.


  1. Love that water movement. You’ve caught the light really well. Shame it didn’t last for the sunset but it was great going there.

  2. Linda foto! Parabens!

  3. Beautiful colours and scene.

    Via rosyrosie2009′s contacts’ uploads on Fluidr

  4. Beautiful! Gorgeous colour!

    Thank you for posting to
    World Waterscapes

    please comment on others thanks

  5. Really beautiful Martyn and deffo one to keep and enjoy.
    Feel proud mate.

  6. Really stunning

    Thank you for posting to
    World Waterscapes

    please comment on others thanks

  7. Wow Martyn – fantastic colours and exposure. Lovely :o)

  8. Great shot Martyn.
    Great colours

  9. Lovely capture Martyn. I think you should gather all your beautiful seascapes together and make a book.

  10. The colours, the light, the action – They all add up to a fabulous photo. When I viewed this on black, the image leapt out of the screen!

  11. Nicely exposed right amount of filter work and a great warm composition mate.

  12. Lovely shot, and great capture of the movement of the waves.

  13. Nice movement, textures and light. Another one for your image webshop.

  14. Hmm 1/5 sec shutter speed. I’ll remember that, it seems just perfect for the water movement here – so much more dynamic that those very slow speed shots. Colours aren’t too shabby either! Good work Martyn

  15. really nice

    commented with FlickrComment

  16. a beautiful stunning photo

  17. the water movement is super as is the foreground detail, a fine image

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