Teignmouth Gold

Teignmouth, South Devon.

I was getting tired of the same old dull grey sky and rain day after day, week after week as no doubt most of the country. I can count my blessings through as at least I wasn’t one of the poor unfortunate souls who were flooded out and had to vacate their home. Initially it was my intention to return to the lower east part of Dartmoor as just outside Lustleigh there were a couple of wheat fields I knew about which I had photographed earlier in the year and was hoping to return when the crop had ripened, one of those fields also contained a large number of poppies. As you can imagine I was left disappointed to discover they had already been cut or decimated by the foul weather.

A rapid change of plan was needed as the colour in the sky was already starting to show and sunset was a little less than an hour away. I was mentally flying through page after page of fantastic images trying to find a moment of inspiration as I continued to drive towards Teignmouth past my house which I hadn’t long left, inspiration devoid and a nagging in the back of my head screaming not another Teignmouth seascape…. I ended up at Teignmouth feeling slightly dejected. Out came the bag and tripod from my trusty Passat and I walked on to the Back Beach, my feelings instantly lifted as I lifted my head and it wasn’t long before I was firing frame after frame trying to make the most of what little sunshine we had had.

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  1. Very pretty lighting.

  2. Beautiful tones in this shot of one of my favourite places.

  3. Lovely shot, Mart… :-)

  4. Gorgeous lighting and a wonderful capture Martyn, quality work as always..

  5. Gorgeous sky, ahh thats lovely :D

  6. Lovely stuff. Must be tempting to punt it at a postcard producer – it’s a shoe-in.

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