White Gold

Yar Tor Down, Dartmoor.

On a return journey from Cornwall I decided to cut across the moor and am glad I did. I spotted this scene as I was driving up from Badger’s Holt and decided instantly I had to grab my camera. This image is made up from four images and stitched together using a fantastic bit a software called PT Gui. To get the image I wanted I had to lye down in the snow, when I got back in the car I was a little damp but it was worth it I think.


  1. Excellent pano Martyn, beautifully composed.

  2. I thought it was a while since your last one, but well worth wait.

  3. Beautiful shot, Martyn. The blues, greys and gold of the sky blend well to liven up this wintery scene.

  4. Very nice Martyn, love the composition.

  5. Oh that’s gorgeous, fantastic colours!

  6. A beauty Martyn. I thought you had hibernated for the winter.
    Lovely work this, the shot seems to go on for ever.Lovely subtle tones as well.

  7. Nice work Martyn. Lovely job..

  8. Excellent – really love this!

  9. A beautiful winter wonderland!

  10. Looks cold up there Martyn.
    Great image and composition

  11. Very nice, great comp throughout this.

  12. Beautiful shot.

    Austin, Texas, USA

  13. This is beautiful Martyn. I think it might turn out to be one of your best sellers.

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