Where You Can View My Images

Seabreeze Cafe & Breaks – Located right on the South Devon coast with fantastic views and food on offer.

Getty Images - A selection of my images available to licence through this well known image agency.

Alamy Stock Photos – Some more of my images available from another big image agency.


Local Friends & Photographers

Mike Bartholomew – Good friend and local photographer. Mike’s nature images are stunning and well worth a visit.

Dave Dummett – Dave is a great photographer and better known to some as ‘Dangerous Dave’. There is never a dull moment when Dave is around.

Martin Lovell LRPS - Another great friend with a varied and inspirational portfoilio. Martin was the catalyst which re-ignited my interest in photography.

Richard Taylor – A great friend and photographer whom I often shoot with. His ever expanding portfolio is a real pleasure to browse.

Westcountry Photographic – Stunning images from fellow photographers and good friends Rob Kendall and Tim Barker.



Handy Links

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack - A free download from Microsoft which allows RAW files from a vast selection of cameras to be viewed in Windows 7.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – In order to get that perfect picture you’re after you need to plan your shoot. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is an essential bit of software you would be daft to ignore.

Metcheck – Simply one of the most informative weather forecasts on the web, when it works!

Light Pollution Atlas - Ideal for planning images of the Milky Way.



Marine Management Organisation - Handy link for trawler identification. You can find the excel spreadsheets here.